‘You’re walking Hadrian’s Wall on your own?’ gasps the man, by way of greeting, as I’m met by him passing the mouth of a bunk house just off the farm track I’m walking. This theme of surprise, or of my heroic bravery which was so noteworthy that it required commentary, occurred three times whilst I […]

‘Just ignore him, he was just being gay’, my sister re-enacts the teacher’s response to me in her usual impression voices and animated style. I choke on my drink, ‘…What? The teacher said that?…’ I bite down hard on my lip and screw up my then teenage face in disgust. I’m angry at first and then […]

And so the old saying goes: ‘Time is money.’ This is a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman and is a phrase that has been absorbed by us all at rather a small age – it sits constantly on the tips of our lips. It is one of the most well […]

On occasion, much like a peacock I suppose, I do like to give my short hair a bit of a ruffle, particularly when it is resembling a cockatoo too much. I am pretty certain I unintentionally swagger when I walk, I have a tendency to hook my fingers through my belt loops and my hands […]

Today, 27th January 2015, marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. It’s been five years since I visited Auschwitz with the support of the Holocaust Educational Trust and the encouragement of a supportive history teacher. The images I saw there, the scale of it is beyond comprehension. Figures in a school […]

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery made some history of its own on 29th January 2014 as a cake, celebrating the launch of a Heritage Lottery Funded exhibition mapping the identities of Birmingham and West Midland transgender individuals, was cut by the Lord Mayor in the Community Gallery. The exhibition entitledMapping My Journey organised by […]