Set up in traverse I looked down the spotlight into the eyes of Nigel Francis, already sat in character as ‘One.’ His eyes were elsewhere, his hands grasped desperately around a beer, his mind far away. I averted my eyes. It was very stark. The space was tense and in that intimate playing area I […]

Personal reflections on growing up and coming out at school in Cambridgeshire.

From Edgbaston to Digbeth we live, some of us ‘came out’ at fourteen, some of us forty, some of came out in the noughties and some of us in the eighties. We look differently, dress differently, sound differently, from Birmingham tones to northern twangs. Some of us have lived in Birmingham all our lives and […]

Our elderly population, those most vulnerable, in the care of others or isolated own their own, those who we should be thinking most of, are all too easily forgotten. The Big Issue ran an interesting article in an issue published two weeks ago on the theme of loneliness in our older community written by Age […]

(Above: The fantabulosa fruit Kenneth Williams in action, his orbs on the script, his lupper up. Everybody loves to have their luppers up.) “What was this strange and secretive language which made the audience giggle so?” Julian and Sandy, of BBC radio’s ‘Round the Horne’s, amazingly camp voices first graced my ears with their titters […]

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on 27th January each year. It’s a time for everyone to pause to remember the millions of people who have been murdered or whose lives have been changed beyond recognition during the Holocaust and prior Nazi persecution. University of Birmingham shall be hosting its own vigil 27th January, 5pm in Mermaid […]